How to become a VIP Member in Coin Master

Coin Master VIP Account – How to become a VIP Member in Coin Master

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Have you ever wanted to become an official VIP member of Coin Master? How to become a VIP Member in coin master? It’s possible by following the steps below. First, your account must have reached level 3 or higher to unlock the ability to purchase VIP membership with cash or coins. Next, go to My Account located at the top right corner of the main screen on your phone or tablet. You will notice a VIP button once your account reaches level 10 or higher and has 100,000 coins or more in it.

Coin Master VIP Account – How to become a VIP Member in Coin Master

What is a Coin Master VIP account

A Coin Master VIP account is an account that allows you to receive special benefits and rewards that are not available to regular user. It’s provides rewards such as free spins, pet food, and XP, rare cards, boom levels to make your game easier and better for you.

How To be a Member of VIP Account

A player can’t be a VIP member by themselves. Coin master picks VIP members based on the criteria of spending money to buy rewards and spins.

In this game, there’s no way to pay to get an option or button that designates you as a VIP member. In most cases, players get the opportunity to be a VIP member. This is a rare thing.

How To Get a VIP account 

Currently, the coin master game doesn’t offer the VIP account as an option, so your only choice is to buy it in the coin master shop.

The price of this account can change based on what country you are from. In the US, UK, and India, the cost of this account is high, which is about $1000.

The price is only $100 in those countries where this game isn’t as popular.

Types of Players in This Game

There are 3 types of players in this game which are –

  • Normal player: This type of player login with Facebook and play the game.
  • Guest player: They just play this game without logging in.
  • VIP player: This kind of player spends more money on this game compared with normal players.

Advantages of VIP Account

There are plenty of opportunities and rewards to be had with this account. It will grow you the fastest and make the game more enjoyable for you. This has a few benefits including

How to become a VIP Member in Coin Master

Free spins and coins

The members of this account will get a huge number of free spins and coins as a weekly reward which helps them increase their growth in the village.

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Increased Event Price

During events, the VIP members get extra bonuses.

Expand Social Base

Coin master sponsored many games for the VIP members so that they can play these various games. Also, get the chance to win many rewards and become experienced.

Permanent ID

The members will get a permanent id and username which will never reset.

Guide manager

And most importantly, you will get a guide manager who will help you to guide in your game.

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